Monday, September 23, 2013

Discover the Book Debates

Here are the Debate Topics I Would Pursue to Engage That Have Not Be Covered Except One Topic Below:

1.)  Hinduism 
 2.)  Buddhism
 3.)  Oneness Pentecostalism
 4.)  Greek and Russian Orthodoxy 
 5.) Romanism Debates Only Against High Leadership
 6.)  Scientology
7.) Other Topics on OT and NT History
8.)  The Science of Philosophical Creation Theology

Basic Methodology of Debate

1.) Both Sides Share Introduction 
 2.)  Cross-Examination Questions (Most of the Time)
3.)  Conclusion of the Topic

These Debates Would be In Person and Taped by DVD Player and Freely Distributed.  If There Is An Interest by my Opponents, email me at

Grace and peace.